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Life and Personal Growth

Life. How often do we stand back and take a good look at it?

Most likely not that often, after all, aren't we all too busy living!

Well, this is the crux of life coaching – it’s giving yourself time to take a look at how things are, to reflect and review your life, in part or as a whole and make the necessary changes.

Life coaching can be about small tweaks or huge change, either practical or emotional. Using coaching techniques and NLP to combat negative thought processes, we’ll create a plan whilst overcoming any limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We’ll work at your pace and you'll be providing all the answers, I’ll simply be assisting you in finding them. 

You may have a very specific area you want to address, for example confidence, anxiety  fulfilling a lifelong ambition, finances, well being, relationship or family improvements, the list is endless!

Life coaching sessions are available from my office in Ilkley, West Yorkshire or Nationally online/by phone from the comfort of your own home.

It’s about investing in your future and ultimately your happiness.

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